Monday, July 28, 2008

The look on this critters face tells the story.

Too damn many indignities in a long life behind bars, me thinks. That's the last look you see before you get eaten. It says "I'm not a pet, mother fucker!" I love it! You can see the anger in his face. "Point that thing somewhere else or I'm gonna rip your face off!"

You can feel the primal fear, mixed with excitement in the man's voice. Here's REAL danger dude. Primal, from the DNA. Critters like these used to eat our kind every friggin' day, till we figured out how to form groups and sharpen sticks. Now we put them behind glass and shake our fists at them, not realizing we're sending out the obvious signals that the critters can't miss! Here's another example.

That kid is just inches of glass from being a chew toy. Too funny. But then I'm just a big softy. I always root for these critters, unless I want to eat one myself. But that's a whole 'notha story.

Over the space of hundreds of millions of years nature sorted out things beautifully and simply, putting everything in balance. Some critters are here on the planet to eat stuff and others exist simply so that the first group will have something to eat. We've evolved from one of the lowest forms of lunch meat into the highest form of predator, just so long as we've got a gun and/or magnificent beasts like these are behind very thick glass. These folks are getting a reality check. Again, I love it!


pat houseworth said...

I'm with you Jeff...let em' roam wild...if they attack a village or kill folks in their native land...dispatch them. They hunt and sometimes need to be hunted. If they die out, so be it.

It's a damn shame that we have to lock up wild animals to perserve the species....screw that, species have been dying out since long before man, let nature take care of it.

Sarge Charlie said...

We are such idiots, we think we can control nature

Les Becker said...

"I think he wants you to pet him..."

Uh... yeah. Stupid woman.

BRUNO said...

"Point that thing somewhere else, or I'm gonna rip your face off"!!!

Hmm. Seems as though I recall using that same exact line, a year or so ago, while trying to enjoy a meal at a steakhouse with a camera-phone freak on the loose?

Eh, either way, the OUTCOME was about the same....!

david mcmahon said...

Gotta love that thick glass.

No, I ain't lion.


I meant I ain't lyin.

phlegmfatale said...

i detest that dickhead in the first vid. Zoos actually creep me out- yeah, nature is cruel, too, but at least in the wild, they can have a sporting chance at a life doing what they are made to do. In a zoo, the lion is being taunted and having sand kicked in his face by a 90 pound weakling. Meh.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

It's like when I used to watch Survivor. I was always hopin' one of those assholes would get taken by a crock or somethin', but naaaaaaaa.