Friday, July 18, 2008

Back, by popular demand....

When I went to that blogger meet a month or so ago, one of the things a bunch of the folks asked me was why I stopped doing "Fatty Friday"?

I told them that when I got into this medium I was influenced by some of the people I was reading, and back then, the guy that influenced me the most was Big Dick. He was a nut. he and I actually had a gross out contest there for a while. I really don't know what the hell I was thinking. He won that hands down. I still don't know where he was finding all those pictures of people fisting one another and crapping on one another, but there you go. That was Dick being Dick. I guess I moved on when I realized I couldn't out-Dick Big Dick. Nobody's a bigger dick than he is. I miss him. I wish he'd revive the blog and get back in the game. Maybe some day.

I was also influenced by folks like Phlemmy, who was one of the very first commenters on my blog, Chuck, who's humor and openness has always been refreshing (when he's actually posting), the Hammer, who I seem to always agree with and who always lays his honest feelings out for everyone to read, and Mushy, who at that time was just in the beginning of his long, sweet biographical mission to lay his life story out there for his grand kids to read. That was all some wonderful reading, and it encouraged me to think about my own feelings and my own life, and to lay some of my own stuff out there.

Since then the blog has mostly evolved into a weekly journal of the stuff that's going on in my life. I've tried to mix things up. I put out music videos from YouTube now and then, and comment on the news when it strikes me. Now and then I lay out my soul, telling you about stuff that's so personal I've never even shared it with my closest friends. I've found that sort of post to be a healing catharsis, although it can probably seem like a narcissistic venture to someone who is just passing through.

I guess, what I'm saying is that in reading through many of your blogs, stealing from one or another of you when I find something that resonates, I've come closer to finding myself. I can never repay that service that many of you performed, mostly without knowing it. You guys have become very important to me. I can't imagine what the hell I was doing with myself before I started this friggin' thing, 580ish posts ago. Cheapest and best therapy I ever had.

Anyway, in the spirit of fun, and hoping this doesn't offend too many of you who came along after my Big Dick phase, here's another Fatty Friday image. Remember DO NOT click on this link! Mmmm, 70 more of those in store for the next lucky suicide bomber. Tasty! There, you're been fairly warned. Now, slink away. Feel free to take a shower if you need to.

The upcoming weekend is gonna be pretty conventional. Dinner with mom. Avoid sister. Maybe try to get some yard work done. Maybe head over to Lampassas to go swimmin'. Who knows? One thing I do have to do is go down to Florence to get fingerprinted today, so I can work there this coming semester. I guess they've been readin' the blog.

Anyway, I'm supposed to go to get a haircut in Salado today too, so I'll be all neat and clean cut for whatever else happens. You guys try to stay cool and have a good one. Cheers.


Suldog said...


As you may know, I do some recording of voice talents in my job. Yesterday, I recorded some foreign language telephone prompts for a client of ours. I swear, two of the women who I recorded looked exactly like those in your link - but fully dressed, of course.

We've had many "Eastern Bloc" women come through this week to record for us - Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, etc. My colleagues and I have come to the entirely non-politically-correct opinion that there are only two kinds of women from those countries. Every single one of the voice talents has either been a super-slim and attractive fitness-model type, or a grossly obese woman who looks as though she swallowed a dumpling factory. There is no in-between :-)

Hammer said...

Yikes. Two make a harem!

You are absolutely right. This is a type of free therepy. Sometimes our keyboard can express things that our voices cannot.


Mushy said...

I have enjoyed our metamorphosis pick up the pot and walk on.

My dad would call those "air conditioned women"...lay under them in the winter and in the shade of them in the summer!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Sully - There used to be the stereotype that all eastern block women were like this, but you're right. Some of them are hot as hell. I've had a few in my classes that would knock your socks off. Wives of soldiers.

Hammer - Double yikes, and yep, the best therapy I ever had.

Mushy - I had to think for a second, what pot? Then I remembered the TV show. Loved it. Love the analogy.