Friday, September 15, 2006

Is it Fatty Friday again?

Sounds like Dick is biding his time, so I'm
basically on maneuvers here with the war.
So I won't pull out the big guns just yet. Sounds
like he's preparing some sort of gross-out IED
and waiting for my convoy to innocently roll
by. Cowboy up motha fucka!

Dad called while I was at work and said
that his old high school is having a home
game tonight, so we're gonna do our regular
grazin' at the Chinese buffet and then drive
out and watch Academy play Clifton. Clifton
won this time last year, so it might be fun.

Love this time of year. Cold weathers comin'.
Before you know it I'll be pullin' out the Uggs
and goose down, gettin' ready to head down
to Enchanted Rock, and Dad and I'll need coats
to sit out there and watch the game and I'll
be worryin' about dad getting chilled. He loves
to go,thinking he'll see someone he knows. Never
happens though. Shit, he's outlived everyone.
I ask him how it feels to be older than most
other living things. He laughs.

And on the Fatty Friday thing...

Shouldn't there be rules on wearin' a bikini?

Love the shoes. They make the whole outfit.

Update: The dinner and the game both turned
out great. The game came down to the last
second, mostly due to bad coaching. It's pretty
bad when the folks in the stands are all lookin'
at one another sayin' "what the hell are they

Academy had a 12 to 10 lead as it came down to
the wire. Their defense had kept the Clifton Cubs
from scoring several times, and had intercepted
passes or picked up fumbles to stop drives that
looked very dangerous. But two failed attempts
at 2 points in stead of easy kicks for extra points
(which is why they had 12 in stead of 14 pts.), and
two failed attempts to go for it on 4th down in
stead of easy field goals, resulted in a two point
margin, and ultimately in Academy losing by one
point in the last seconds of the game.

The Cubs threw a long bomb with 10 seconds to
play, which bounced off the defender who was
trying to ketch it and right into the hands
of a receiver on about the 12 yard line, with one
second left on the clock. Somehow they put 3
seconds back on the clock, and the Cubs kicked a
field goal. It was amazing, and it was academy's
homecoming game. Pretty wild. Ya gotta love high
school football in Texas.


Mushy said...

I bet it takes 2 days for her farts to work their way to the surface!

Lady Heather said...

She may not be fat, but here's some ugly.

lauritajuanitasanchez said...

You'll note that the bikini is held together by chains.

(I bet she gets laid more than I do)

Goddess said...

There IS a rule about bikinis: if you can get it on, you can wear it. Amen.

Ranger Tom said...

Where did you find a picture of my ex-wife?

Anonymous said...

I was at my daughter's homecoming game last night, too.

We lost the game 7 - 14, which isn't as bad as we lost last year.
We were winning 7-zip until the very end of the first half, when the opposing team scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion (I thought they weren't doing those in high school games!), bringing the score to 7-8.
Then, for some bone-headed reason, our team didn't take a shot at a field goal during the third quarter, when we were 4th and 5, and lost the ball!
Pissed me off.
At least we would have made some points.
The opposing team scored another touchdown in the fourth quarter, though they didn't make the extra point, bringing the score to the final of 7-14.

I usually only go for the band (my daughter plays clarinet), but since it was homecoming and all, and since our team didn't suck as badly as usual, I watched the game and enjoyed myself.
Of course, the band rocked, too.
Sorry about the too-wordy comment.

Fathairybastard said...

I don't mind wordy comments. Do them myself, as many can attest.

But I do mind wordy word verifications.

Anonymous said...

I just wish they were more often (unintentionally) amusing, instead of merely confusing!
"ttdvgfo" WTF?!

Anonymous said...

And Re: the lovely, bikini-clad the hell can she stay balanced on that tiny stool?!
All I can say is that it must be mighty uncomfortable for her (and stressing for the stool!).

Fathairybastard said...

I was gonna say somethin' about the stool, but was mesmerized by the shoes.

Becky said...

I think that's great that you have that kind of standing date with your dad, but I don't know how you could eat Chinese after posting that pic;)

Fathairybastard said...

You know, it's denial. I keep tellin' myself that I can shovel the General Tso's chicken and shrimp fried rice without one day looking like her.