Monday, September 25, 2006

The kiddies, and other stuff.

Remember those teenie boppers I'm teaching in the morning? Well, according to the school counselor, one of the first period Seniors has gotten herself knocked up. She and her mom hope she can stay in school long enough to finish. I wonder if she and mom were this tight when it came to knowin' how one keeps from getting bit by the trouser worm? I'm tellin' ya... The second period Juniors are growin' on me. I started showing them the Ken Burns docu on Lewis and Clark today. Killin' some time and takin' a break. It's a great story. They actually sat and watched it like they gave a shit. Amazing.

I'm slowly getting used to the new wheels. Took a trip to Dallas on Saturday to walk through a big nice gun show and eat a fat steamin' stroimboli. Checked the mileage after getting home and found it got 27.4 mpg. Pretty respectable compared to the old jeep. Not what I was hoping to get in a new car, but I don't fit comfortably in anything that gets 35 to 40. It's a sporty little thing. Wants to go FAST. Reminds me a lot of the '82 Trans-Am that I drove in grad school. That thing got about 18 mpg on a REAL good day, but was fun as hell to drive. Every car I get gets a little better mileage. Maybe after drivin' this one to death in 10 or 12 years they'll have something that fits me better that gets about 40 or 50 mpg. What are the odds?

Didn't pick up anything lethal at the gun show. Handed over that parts set to the gun smith. He always has a booth there. He should have two new toys ready for me some time next month. Went through a bin of old cast off crap and found three old Kalashnikov slings that looked like they had potential. Looks like they may be Bulgarian or Russian. Got 'em home and put 'em through the washing machine. Came out clean and nice. Have that nice slightly faded, used look that goes well with the older implements of destruction. Also spent $25 on a used and slightly dinged up Soviet era clip for an AK-74. Plumb colored, Izmash production. Some soldier had carved (scratched) his girlfriends (?) name on one side of it, in Cyrillic lettering. Someone else might think the thing is screwed up for that, but to me it just screams history. Love things like that. You can see that someone really used it.

Went to Lowe's between classes and blew about $90 on plants for the back yard. Spent the afternoon out there diggin' and pullin' weeds. The place is VERY slowly comin' together. Lots of native plants or similar stuff that will come back next year. Found a new mound of fire ants in the front yard. Those fuckin' things are amazing. Went to Wally World after my 7:30 class and picked up a new bag of Spectrocide. If it ain't the weeds, its the critters. Like the GWOT, an endless and probably futile attempt to stamp out evil. Somethin' to do.

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